IT'S OFFICIAL... last day of retail at Citta Mall and The Curve is on Tuesday 15th January 2019.

The new retail, production house cum pick up point for deliveries will all now be centralized at
No. 17-0, Jalan BK6F/3A, 47100 Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, Selangor.
Contact : +6017 2005968 Ainee (Please whatsapp me if I am not able to answer your call immediately)

Numerous issues have been sorted out yet numerous more are still being resolved. Challenges upon challenges came and went.. yet 2 more presented themselves just yesterday... All part and parcel of the journey to SUCCESS.

For those who are bewildered by the above, I have attached an earlier post below for your enlightenment.

For those who are in tandem with our journey, please do continue to support us in this new milestone.. A Rebirth as Olivier puts it..

We ask for your continued support and understanding while we go about putting things in place. But one thing for sure as is our PROMISE to you... the cakes delivered to you will be as they have always been.. No change there at all.

We welcome suggestions and constructive comments to help bring us to a greater level.

See you in Bandar Kinrara soon.

A MUST READ for those who do not understand or know why we are moving..


Please bear with us.. Its going to be a lengthy post. 
Here goes…. P

Part 1:

We have had a long think through on this after numerous consultation with both customers and suppliers. With ingredients costs constantly on the rise on a regular basis and rentals not coming down, we have decided to restrategize our business positioning.

Firstly, we are going to consolidate both the retail business and the production house under one roof.

Secondly, to address the constant moans that we are too way out at Citta Mall and at The Curve, we are going to go on an online / delivery platform. This means that the business will now take on an ‘Order with Delivery’ identity.

As this decision was just finalised with all parties concerned, please bear with us while we sort out the technical issues. Our tenancy at both malls and the current production house ends in Mid January 2019, we therefore have a very short window period to sort out numerous issues.

We have yet to decide as to how the look of the website will now change and the new partners we need to work with, thus until then, we will use the Grab car services to do the delivery for us as is the current practice. We will however do away with the service charge of RM5.00. The delivery charges will strictly be based on Grab charges and Toll if any.

However, the option to pick up from the new location remains open as there will be a proper shop front for retail business. 
We will be based in Bandar Kinrara and we are rushing to complete the renovation works. We will update you once we are officially opened there and when the online platform is ready.

Part 2 :

As always, we always try our utmost to delay increasing our prices but these past few months prices have simply gone through the roof. Not a SINGLE item which we use has been spared. (An essential ingredient has increased by over 70% in just 2 years) This was the main trigger behind the decision in Part One. We felt that we needed to look inwards as to how we can reduce our operating costs so that we can help absorb part of the rising costs and yet maintain a decent margin. Our suppliers are shocked that we have not done so. These few months we are very close to operating at a loss and we can no longer afford to do so. The management had actually wanted to increase the prices in Mid December but something in me says”No not yet…Tahan a little more… It’s Christmas” The last thing I want is to have our customers feeling “cheated’ during Christmas. (I don’t celebrate Christmas myself but I understand the spirit behind it) As always, a lot of consideration is taken before a decision on pricing is made. Henceforth, the increase will take place after Boxing Day. We will announce the price changes soon.


Hence with the above decision (Part ONE), we will be able to share the increased costs together with our customers so that this time the increase will not be so drastic.

Thank you.

Opening Hours:

10am to 7pm everyday
(7 days a week)

phone reservation

+6017-200 5968 (Ainee)
+6012-7373 380
+603-8082 7373


IT'S OFFICIAL... Last Day Of Retail At Citta Mall And The Curve Is On Tuesday 15th January 2019...
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