Le Trianon

~Using Only The Highest Quality Ingredients That Meet Your Palate ~

Le Trianon is a Premium artisan cake company that specializes in Belgium Chocolate Cakes.
We focus on a unique concept of offering three types of our artisan cakes namely Trianon, Chocolate Heaven and D’Symphony.

~Delivering The Same Promise~

Our cakes are individually crafted to maintain artisanal quality. Each cake is given the exact same care
where we strive to deliver you the best premium chocolate cake with a consistent and similar taste you love.

~Our Business Philosophy ~

Le Trianon is a concept shop where we do not display our cakes directly. We strongly believe in a premium artisan Chocolate experience where the cakes are unveiled privately to each individual customer, giving each a world-class treat and experience when they are here to purchase.

We also believein word of mouth marketingwhere most of our clients are referred by friends and family. Imitating the bold and hugely successful concept that has proven to be a hit in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore, Le Trianon strives to build a brand that stands for delicious, premium, artisan, chocolate cakes with the highest quality that  customers will always come back for.

Le Trianon Cakes