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The Highest Quality Products That Meet Your Palate

Le Trianon is a premium chocolate brand that carries only 3 kinds of pure Belgian chocolate indulgence offerings. It is a tight & focused concept that is very unique in comparison to others in the market. The premium products are Trianon, Chocolate Heaven & D'Symphony.

A First in Malayisa, Le Trianon is a concept shop that does not display our cakes directly. We strongly believe that baiting your curiousity & word of mouth is the best marketing tool to spread the words about our mystifying yet elegant products.

Imitating the bold & hugely successful concept that has been proven to be a hit in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia & Singapore, Le Trianon strives to build the brand that stands for lusciously premium chocolate offerings at the highest quality ever.  We are confident that a bite into our cakes will leave you with a lingering chocolate experience of a lifetime.

Opening Hours:

10am to 10pm everyday
(7 days a week)

phone reservation

Citta Mall :
(603) 7831 7592

The Curve :
(603) 7731 5720

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Le Trianon had received a letter of apology on Trademark Infrindgement

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